The Quest for Freedom — Kosovo Heritage #4

The magnitude of Kosovo reverberates across the centuries. It has survived 609 years and throughout the succeeding generations Kosovo has become the inspiration of an entire nation. And through its grandeur and its religious example it has influenced other nations to seek freedom. Kosovo permanently changed the face of Europe and altered history. Kosovo, 100 years before Columbus sailed for the New World, was a statement for religious freedom and the belief that no man had a right to rule another. Rather than to consent to become slaves to tyranny, the Serbs were willing to lay down their lives for their religious belief. Seldom in history have we witnessed such a commitment. The Serbs on the Kosovo Field not only paid with the staggering loss of 77,000 lives, but the Serbian nation suffered 500 years of Ottoman oppression. We cannot speak of Kosovo as though it were an event in the past that will never happen again. Kosovo is never-ending. Through the centuries, Serbian sacrifice and Kosovo have become synonymous. Kosovo is an eternal call to unity. It is our turn to respond to prince Lazar and his faithful army’s extraordinary example.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.” (Mt. 6:33).

Icon of Winged St. John the Baptist, 17th c.
Top: Fresco, detail, Judas’ betreyal, Church of the Appostles, Pec 1300. Bottom: Fresco, detail, The Passion of Christ, Church of the Appostles, Pec 1300.
Fresco, Martyrdom of the Christians, Entrance to the Church of St. Dimitrije, Pec, 1324.
Fresco of Nemanja dynasty, Decani Monastery, 1335-1350. Top row: King (later Emperor) Uros, Son of Emperor Dusan; Emperor Dusan, Son of Stefan Decanski; Middle row: King Dragutin, Son of King Uros; King Milutin, Son of King Uros; King Uros I, Son of Stefan the First Crowned. Bottom row: St. Sava, Stefan (Simeon) Nemanja, and King Stefan the First Crowned.
Fresco, The Virgin Mary, Church of St. Dimitrije, Patriarchate of Pec, 14th c.