Demographic Explosion in Kosovo

Excerpts from different Encyclopediae

Watching the explosion:

Encyclopedia Britannica, Edition 1973, Vol 13, Page 479.

Kosovo-Metohija (Kosmet), an autonomous region of Serbia, Yugoslavia. Population (1961) 963,988, of whom the majority are Albanian-speaking Shqipetars.

Collier’s Encyclopedia, Edition 1993, Vol 23, p 726.

Kosovo, also known as Kosovo-Metohija…, an area on the south of the Republic of Serbia, southern Yugoslavia. Densely populated, Kosovo had 1,954,747 inhabitants in 1991. The largest group are Albanians (77 percent), Serbs (13 percent), Bosnian Muslims (4 percent), Roma (2 percent), and Montenegrins (2 percent).

We are talking here about the highest birth rate in Europe and one of the highest on Planet Earth. The population doubled in thirty years. In other words, it will be tenfold in a century.