Reconstructing Srpska Mreza

Up until a few years ago, there was a very large site in the English language called It had numerous articles documenting the Serbian perspective about the Balkan Wars of the Nineties. It was invaluable to Americans trying to balance the very biased reporting in Western media that vilified and demonized the Serbs, and shifted all blame onto them. Then the site disappeared. The domain name was bought by others who were using it as a gaming site.

The original

All the content still resides on This new site,, is an attempt to retrieve the best of that content, make it as accessible as possible to an American audience, and attempt to make this perspective on that history once again available.

It is said that the first casualty of war is the truth. And for those who lose a war, their perspective on the truth will often be entirely forgotten and lost to history. In this case, the war meant the eradication of a subculture — the ethnic Serbs of Croatia. Survivors exist, to an overwhelming extent, only in Diaspora. Too small and scattered a population, cultural extinction is the reality. Gone is the culture that produced Tesla and the first Mrs. Einstein, the one who helped her husband with his math.

Gone is the culture that held the border of Europe for 350 years against a second colonization by the Moslem world. These survivors must watch now as their history and identity is wiped from the record, they must watch the unfolding of their own extinction. Very little exists online that tells an accurate tale, to their view, of who they have been and the nature of the fate they met.

This is an attempt to address that issue and the overall situation concerning the war experience of the Serbian segment of the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. So many sites, which were once available to present the Serbian perspective, are disappearing from the internet. Even Wiki is astonishingly biased in what is presented. Search on the terms “Serbian genocide” and all that will come up are genocidal actions attributed TO Serb forces. Nothing about the story of the people for whom the phrase “ethnic cleansing” was coined to describe what was being done TO them.

There is a great deal of work to be done. If you think you might be able to help, please contact us. Needed are people with WordPress skills who can add pages and organize them in the menu. Also needed are people with editing skills who can look critically at the original content and [add editorial comments] when it will help an America reader understand Balkan references.